Our HR vision

High value professionals

Convinced that any achievement is closely linked to the performance of its employees, Wafacash offers them a friendly working climate and the recognition of the management team. Our objective is to maintain the alliance and commitment of all in order to meet the challenges together and develop the feeling of belonging to the group.

Our HR vision

Our reputation and the quality of our services depend on the value of the men and women who make up our teams. They are the foundation of our know-how and our attitude. They are the driving force behind our success. Our goal is to allow professional fulfillment by giving each person the means to develop their individual skills.

We are open to individuals of value, with a wide range of profiles from different backgrounds, who are motivated to join us. Wafacash makes the development and fulfilment of its employees a major focus of its human resources policy, which is centred on recruitment, integration, training and career management.

Integration of new recruits

Welcoming new recruits is an important concern for Wafacash. As soon as they are hired, a personalised integration programme is put in place to provide appropriate orientation for new employees. We have also set up a mentoring system to ensure that our employees are constantly understood and that they are socially and professionally integrated.

Career management

The aspiration to change and progress is possible within Wafacash through promotion and internal mobility. The policy adopted throughout the career path of employees is based on appropriate HR tools, such as annual appraisal and progress interviews, which enable professional development and the detection of potential.


Wafacash is constantly interested in the different objectives and training of its employees in all areas related to the activities and life of the company. These trainings are focused on professionalization in the management field as well as in the business fields.